Lane Sutton is a social media and inbound marketer at HubSpot, a speaker, and digital native. Always having a passion for all things technology, he began his “more-serious” career at the young age of 11 when starting KidCriticUSA, posting reviews by a “kid”, for kids and families.

Because of starting in business and growing up with technology and social media early on, his experiences help businesses implement inbound and social media marketing.
He is an advocate on the power of inbound marketing to personalize and humanize marketing efforts and to use social media as a conversation and engagement channel. He also advocates for online privacy to preserve positive online reputations and identities. Lane also raised awareness in his TEDx talk about the need to unplug from technology (albeit he may not live up to it that well) and the ironic shift in human communication by technology that we use to connect us, but is actually disconnecting and isolating ourselves from society by using screens and digital communication rather than the art of in person connection.

These topics segued into Lane’s speaking work over the past few years, where he gives presentations about social media, inbound marketing, online privacy, youth and media, and digital communication.
He can also be found as class Treasurer or enjoying photography.

Lane has been featured in CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Week, Adweek, FOX-TV, FoxBusiness, MSN, Mashable, New England Cable News, and many other media outlets naming Lane the kid to watch.


L ane Sutton is a dynamic speaker who delivers results from years of experience. As a teen, Lane is able to address a variety of focuses with a unique perspective from his firsthand experience as a digital native and being a pioneer on social networks since their rise to fame.

His current focuses in speaking are  online marketing, social media, digital nativism, youth leadership, privacy and sharing, technology in society, youth and media, and the millennial generation.

Lane customizes every presentation to address the audience at hand, fit the needs, give practical examples, and adjust during the presentation so that it is understood best. Lane can talk at a broad, forward/future-thinking level or go in-depth and step-by-step. His speaking style is engaging, vibrant, energetic, personal, and even humorous.

Over the past few years, Lane has spoken for many conferences, business professionals, universities, schools, non-profits, and corporations. He has educated students, executives, entrepreneurs, retailers, teens, realtors, attorneys, investors, marketers, private detectives and investigators, employees, journalists, advocates, and business professionals. Lane is often a keynote speaker and general session speaker, but he does breakout sessions or workshops as well.

Some of his national and international events and clients have included South by Southwest, TEDx, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Apple Store, the National Etailer and Mail Order Association, Constant Contact, Legal Sea Foods, Bentley University, Suffolk University, Emerson College, the Family Online Safety Institute, 140Conf, PodCamps, and Businesss Journal events. You can see more of Lane’s clients in the logos below.

If you are hesitant to hire a teenager, do not hesitate, because Lane is able to bridge the gap between him and the audience extremely well and provide distinct thoughts with his age as an advantage.

Sample topics

To Post or not to Post (Reputation & Identities)


Have you seen what’s out there about you? What about removing something to manage your reputation? Attendees will feel empowered after seeing the dangers of online tracking, how our information is used, examples of websites publicizing this to anyone (even stalkers), and most importantly – hear what privacy settings you need to lock down, talk about oversharing (what’s too much), and how to keep tabs on your personal brand & name.

The Brand of YOU: Build an Authentic Online Reputation


Great for personal branding, students, professionals, employees, and anyone looking to market themselves in a highly competitive business world by using the power of social media. This will cover some basics of managing your reputation, establishing a LinkedIn profile, finding jobs and creating an appealing profile portfolio for recruiters, participating in online chats to demonstrate knowledge, creating content to use your knowledge and expertise.

Who better to introduce the millennial Gen Z crowd to you than one who also knows marketing and social business well? Companies worry about keeping ahead of the competition, but more importantly, keeping up with their customers and knowing their personas. This session will explore what makes digital consumers different than the offline consumers, why e-commerce is their preferred method of browsing, their shifted decision process, the content that reels them in, how giants like Amazon, Zappos, Apple, and other brands have been forced to adapt successfully, how to encourage their social sharing, what makes Pinterest a great platform to leverage for visual marketing, and the wonderful benefits of inbound marketing. If your business needs improvement, a business model makeover, this is a very strategic based session with many new ideas (all tailored to your company) that will be very helpful.

Meet the constantly evolving group of youth and millennials that have redefined human interaction. Futureproof your business so you can be ready to adapt to their changes, likes, trendsetting, & uniqueness. Lane will share viral videos, campaigns that were effective, examples of *popular* companies, and how to communicate with them (by means other than face-to-face).

Since students are using technology so much outside of school, it is time that they take advantage of it as a resource. School administrators and teachers will learn how to implement ways to collaborate and enable to students to share, engage on discussion using forums, “social networks” for class, document sharing, groups, and save paper too.
Participate and join the conversation with customers. Attendees walk away with an intro of each social media platform, the basics of how they work, examples of campaigns run by companies in similar fields, content they can use, and measuring the value. Develop a marketing strategy that produces results. Learn basics of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, & Pinterest. This talk can apply to any industry with real world applications and examples of best practices that will work.

For more information

Let's discuss your event and talk further. It helps if you mention the estimated audience size, event date, location, scope (format of the event, time slot to speak), budget, and what you hope the audience will walk away with.

What they’re saying:

We recently hired Lane Sutton to speak at our NEMOA Fall directXchange event in Providence, RI. I was very impressed with Lane from the beginning of our dialogue together. Lane was a last minute speaker addition who replaced a cancelation. Lane was able to grasp the concept of the NEMOA organization and write a session description within 24 hours! We don’t always get that kind of excitement and response from other speakers.

Lane prepared a very detailed and well thought out presentation that covered all marketing touch points, online and offline, that are important in driving revenue for multichannel retailers. He had a great opening video and many slides for an hour presentation. He definitely gave our audience a lot of material to absorb and think about. Given that Lane is only 16 years old, we were all very impressed with his knowledge and ability to articulate in a well educated manner. Lane clearly understands the online marketing landscape and had a great point of view from the new Millennial Generation.

I was personally very impressed with Lane, his knowledge, his enthusiasm, and his professionalism. Overall, I would definitely recommend Lane as a speaker for Internet related topics. He is very impressive and only 16 years old!! I can’t wait to see where Lane is in 10 years!Cindy Marshall, President, National Etailer & Mail Order Association

When Lane Sutton came to speak at Digital Journalist class, I purposely left out the part that he was a teenager. He waited in the hall as I described Lane’s work history in social media, then I called him in.

Students gasped.

That’s part of Lane’s lure: He’s brilliant and still a kid. But Lane is no novelty act. He just happens to be way ahead of most adults when it comes to understanding and implementing social media.

His talk was informative and professional. He came with handouts, a stellar Power Point presentation that offered an explanation of the future in digital media use (specifically journalism for this class) based on computational analysis and his own visionary insight. The talk then ventured into specifics with practical guidelines for journalists and a resources list he tailored for students. The students enjoyed hearing from him.Cindy Rodriguez, Journalist-in-Residence & Professor, Emerson College

We had an unexpected cancellation from our Closing Luncheon Session Speaker. Lane accommodated our last-minute request to cover our Session. He was prompt, professional and very poised.
Comments from our attendees:

  • “Incredible young man. There were many mothers and grandmothers sitting at my table wondering why their own teenagers are just teenagers.”
  • “He was good and it was good to see the perspective from a younger person.”
  • “Long presentation but did a very good job at presenting material. WOW 16, I went home and told my kids to get cracking!”
  • “Scary smart guy…loved listening to him…so much to absorb…very impressed.”
  • “Amazing!!! Lane is going places and we’ll all probably report to him one day :-)
  • “Great way to end – nice choice.”

No doubt, we will be watching Lane’s progress through the coming years, hope he will remember NEMOA and will come back to present to our group again.Kris Snyder, Marketing Manager, National Etailer & Mail Order Association

When I produced the Social E Conference on e-media and social media marketing, I knew I needed an expert. With a crowd of senior real estate and banking executives, the room hushed when we introduced our opening keynote speaker: a 14-year-old who was just getting ready to enter high school. But Lane was already a seasoned pro — speaking before numerous other organizations and notching a few TV interviews, too. He came in with great visuals, a compelling and well-researched presentation, and a message that was to the point: social media is the future. I’ve put on a lot of seminars and events, and had a lot of speakers. Few have had the impact that Lane had, or the stage presence. He’s a Wunderkind To Watch.Vince Valvo, CEO, The Warren Group
I first saw Lane present on the subject of Reputation Management at Podcamp Boston 6. He was just 14 years old at the time, and the young man blew me away with his passion, knowledge, and practical insights. His professionalism and comfort in front of an audience were also downright shocking for someone of any age.

Lane has been recognized as a young leader and force with which to be reckoned, and I couldn’t agree more.
Amazing guy, Lane is!

Lane’s list of speaking credits and credentials is nothing short of extraordinary. Lane is incredibly intelligent, focused, and humble, especially considering his sizable accomplishments for his years. What’s more, he’s a truly kind person who’s determined to share his gifts with this world. I believe in this amazing human being, and can’t wait to see where his talents and passions lead him next.

It’s my most sincere honor to recommend Lane for any consulting, coaching, or speaking opportunity. He knows his stuff. He will deliver, delight, and amaze. Guaranteed.Lani Voivod, Ally in Possibility, Epiphanies

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